Clatskanie PUD is pleased to inform our customers that we have been working diligently to develop our publicly available, electric vehicle charging network. We have selected optimal charging locations and installed easy to use electric vehicle chargers that will help you keep your car charged up when travelling within our electric service territory.

We’re offering the following price packages for our DC Fast Charging and Level 2 Charging stations. Charging pricing includes a flat Fee for Charging Speed and Equipment and an Energy Fee that will vary depending how much energy your vehicle needs. Vehicle battery capacity varies significantly between models. Most of today’s models range from around 20kWh to 90kWh battery capacity, thus Energy Fees per charge will likely range from around $1.00 to $5.00 for a full charge. Transaction and Franchise Fees may also apply.

About Public EV Charging Options
Electric vehicles can be charged several different ways. The two primary public charging methods are DC Fast Charging and Level 2 Charging.

DC Fast-Charge
Provides charging through three phase AC input and requires specialized, high-powered charging equipment and special equipment in the vehicle itself. DC Fast-Charging can deliver an 80% battery charge or 60 to 100 miles of range for most EV models in about 20-30 minutes of charging. This is the format used most often in public charging stations, especially along heavy traffic corridors. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles typically do not have fast charging capabilities.

Level 2 Charge
Provides charging through a 208 or 240 V plug and requires the installation of additional charging equipment by a licensed electrician/installer. Level 2 chargers typically deliver 10 to 60 miles of range per hour of charging. Level 2 is used in homes, workplaces, and for some public charging.

Workplace Charging Information

Clatskanie PUD is proud to offer an innovative solution for workplace EV charging. Our Plug Pass program is a low cost, Bring-Your-Own-Charger, outlet service that is available for qualifying workplaces in our service territory. The customer pays a monthly rate for a reserved parking spot with a dedicated 120V or 240V outlet. For commuters living outside of our service territory, this charging infrastructure allows the customer to perform all commute based charging needs utilizing our low rates. Additionally, this program provides charging opportunities to customers living in locations that are not conducive to home EV charger installations.

If you an an interested employer or EV commuter, please contact Clatskanie PUD to learn more about this program.